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The picture I used to illustrate my post recently at “Dissing Cousins in Massachusetts” that of the future Senator Scott Brown lying in the buff, was, I had thought, a one-off, a little light laughter item to help lift the piece.  It seemed so to me because here over the pond we do not have our present politicians taking their clothes off, or posing in magazines as paragons of physical perfection.  This might have more to do with the material we have to work with, Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy are not appealing subjects.

But no!  Far from being the act of one vulgarian with an over enhanced belief in his Adonis like physique, the phenomenon of the politician seeking to be a sex symbol is not simply one of our own debauched age.  It seems to be a very real American political thing.  Which is why the picture at the top is there.

It is that of President Gerald Ford taken for the cover of the April 1942 issue of Cosmopolitan which seems to have a knack for featuring beef-cake that ends up in politics.  It’s been the rounds of the blogs and I picked this up at Tom McMahon’s blog at www.tommcmahon.net/2005/05/world_premier_html

The picture which I finish with shows that there must be some sort of trend in American Politics with your own (and boy are you welcome to her) Sarah Palin when she was in the Miss Alaska competition in 1984.

Now how many others are there out there?  One feels that there might be more than initially thought.  Please let me know…..

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