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This illustration is of a Barack and Michelle Obama Doll & Cutout book which I found on sale. It  reminded me of those cut out dresses for famous historical characters which, in my childhood, ornamented the back of Corn Flake packets. You know – dress up Henry VIII or stick the bustle on Queen Victoria.

I had been thinking of a post about politicians falling from grace and this being reflected or measured in the price of their commemorative branded goods, as the doll & cutout book is now available knocked down from £5.99 to £2.99.  However one of my correspondents, Mr Reinbold, that indefatigable collector of lost causes and Anglo-Catholic kitsch, suggested that instead I might look at other Presidential or Presidential-hopefuls’ branded goods.

I therefore propose The Teddy Kennedy Puncture repair kit” available from ablondineverypond.com and the “Expletive Deleted!! *@xxx” Nixon mouthwash.


I had also considered Jimmy Carter Nuts, but found his brother had beaten me to it.

What I did not find on my trawl through the net were any Tea Party Tea Towels – now that would be handy.  Maybe they missed a trick there?

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