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Tio Fidel

It was noted in Dynastic Politics (see my blog-roll) on February 12 that the Diaz-Balart brothers were planning to have younger brother Mario Diaz-Balart succeed to  older brother Lincoln’s seat in the United States House of Representatives.  Both are Republicans in Florida.  The baton is being handed from one brother to the next.  Nice of them to let you know.  I thought voters decided this sort of thing?  All a bit cosy eh?

Lincoln Diaz-Balart

An interesting item in itself, but I was intrigued by this case of brothers in the US House of Representatives and their both being from the same state.  Even allowing for it being Florida it is odd.   Even the Udalls have the dignity to spread it out a bit so it’s not quite so obvious.

But when I dug a little deeper I was truly astonished.

Not simply are the Diaz-Balart family a political family in Florida, they were and still are political abroad, and their most illustrious connections are just across the water.

Mario Diaz-Balart

Ninety miles away on an island paradise, which boasts real good healthcare for all, their uncle used to be the chief enchilada, the head honcho, the hot tamale of life in sunny Cuba.  Yep Uncle Fidel was Fidel Castro the great architect of the anti-American movement (not that the Americans themselves hadn’t helped themselves in this!) and defeater of the corrupt and detested United States backed Dictator Batista.

Their father Rafael Diaz-Balart was a member of the Cuban House of Representatives, until his opposition to the bold boy led to his taking an early bath from politics, and trying out selling real estate and insurance for a living.  The family ended up in Florida.

Fidel Castro is now in semi-retirement in Cuba having decided to um, hand on the baton  to his brother Raul.

So, despite differences, some things remain the same for the Castros and the Diaz-Balarts eh?

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