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Its spring, and there are a number of sprigs off various Presidential and presidential hopeful trees, all looking to be elected at some point this year.  Oligarchical cuttings each looking for their own soil in which to set root.  This in a country that shouts so very loudly to the rest of the world about open representational democracy.  By the people, for the people, of the people.  I hope to deal with a number of these gentlemen who believe they have they have more right because they are “family” and hold some greater entitlement to be elected than other hopefuls.

With luck this will reinforce  that these families and these oligarchies, did not simply exist far away in some half remembered and unimportant past, but walk amongst us today!   And worse seek to tell others how.

Tonight it’s the turn of a relative unknown.  Certainly he is unknown here over the pond in the old countries, and judging by a swift trawl round the web and the blogosphere he ain’t making much of a splash at your end either.

Jason Carter is the brass young hopeful trying his luck at a special election for the open seat at Georgia Senate Dist 42.  The big day is on May 11th.

No newbie he, for Jason is the grandson of Jimmy (Can I talk to you about God?) Carter, the 38th President of the United States.  Also his maternal grandfather was Beverly Langford who served in both the House and Senate.

His father too tried out for political high office.  Jack Carter we might remember was the unsuccessful candidate for US Senator in Nevada back in 2006.

The Carters have managed a great trick of appearing somehow less than they really are.  Just like the Bush family did.  Shucks you’d almost fall for all that small town, down-home, tooth sucking dirt farmer guff.  If that is you didn’t know that this lot came over long, long before most American families and their feet were firmly under the table generations before yours.  The Carters were on their plantations by 1635.  So we are talking, in British terms at least, of a Tudor/Stuart landed aristocracy.  Which kind of counters the down-home couthiness they espouse.

The old lot were no blushing liberals either.  Great-great grandpa Wily Carter killed a man for stealing a slave, Great grandpa Littleberry Walker Carter was killed in a gun-fight in 1873, and Jimmy’s grandfather was shot in the back in 1903.  Lovely country.

The family go back as far as Robert “King” Carter 1662 – 1732 and one time Governor of Virginia who clearly had no small opinion of himself and whose family were long linked to those of presidential familes.  The daughter, Anne Carter married Ben Harrison IV and was therefore the grandmother of President William Henry Harrison.

Here is a tree showing these connections.  As before all Presidents have their regnal numbers below their names.  Space precluded popping in Anne Carter.  Now those who have been following the blog in the last couple of months might notice that with this tree,  the trees start to link up.  See the connection to Washington?  Take your time – this runs from the eighteenth century to the twentieth and with the Carters in the background right to today.  This is not chance and this will not be only one we shall see.  Good eh?  Surprised?  You might be.  You might even question the system that allows this to keep happening over and over and over again.

Now no doubt Jason will be setting store by being onside with Obama.  What with them being kin and all.  Oh yes, Obama is a deal sight more closely related to all sorts of interesting people than most Americans realise.  And here is the tree to show it.

Copyright David Macadam  2010