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It must be a very American thing.  Something that one doesn’t notice until one notices, and then somehow it’s everywhere.  It certainly does not form any part of the current British election.  Indeed the thought appals.  Gordon Brown in a mankini thrusting forward  in one final burst to capture the youth vote.  I think not.  I certainly hope not.

Way back early on, on February 26 I did a post on Scott Brown the naturist Senator from Massachusetts, who had in his youth done a nude shot for Cosmopolitan.  (Dissing Cousins in Massachusetts)  I commented then that this was certainly odd – vulgar, low, common, and odd.  I mean is that the image one wants from ones representatives?

Then I found to my amazement that far from being a one off tacky mistake by a man with no taste, it seems that this might be a “thing” with US Politicians.  In “Pin Up Politicians” on March 13 I posted a 1940’s shot of Gerald Ford – later President Ford- also from a Cosmopolitan of the day, and a shot of Sarah Palin in a bathing beauty contest for Miss Alaska. 

Now I have found another.  One Sue Lowden is presently giving Harry Reid a real run for November’s mid-term elections in Nevada.  Miss Lowden then Suzanne Plummer, was by turns Miss District of Columbia, Miss New Jersey 1973, before hitting the big time and retiring as 2nd runner up for Miss America 1973. 

So with her it was no one off then!

There may well be a thing going here then?  All contributions gratefully accepted. 

Just one last thing though.

How come its only Republicans that feel the need to parade about in their underwear (or less)?

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