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The latest shock story regarding the up coming mid-term elections is that three term veteran Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) has been bounced off the listing at the primaries stage.  It was known that the Senator had been fingered as the target of Tea Party activists intent of stripping out the more liberal Republicans from the elections.

At 76 Bob wasn’t exactly in the first flush of youth, so you had to wonder how long the old chap intended to remain as Senator. Also, his giving Wall Street a bail out and his cross-party support of health care did rather make him a marked man.

So why am I, and why is this blog, interested in the tribulations of old Bobby Bennett?  Well, Bennett is an oligarch, a member of old established elite families in his area of the Mid West.  Most people might remember his father, Senator Wallace Foster Bennett, also Senator for Utah.

Some might even have heard that grandpappy was Heber J Grant, one time member of the Legislature and long-time (1918-1945) President of the Mormon church.

But it’s through his great- grandfather that we find the real interest.  David Hanmer Wells was the Mayor of Salt Lake City and in good Mormon fashion married six wives.  One, Louisa Ira, had also married John D Lee and we met Mr Lee before in my posting “Oodles of Udalls” on 24th May.

So Gordon Smith, former United States Senator from Oregon 1997 – 2009 and also mentioned in that post is related by marriage to those two Senators from Utah.

Just your average family eh?

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