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Following in my series on young oligarchs trying out or considering their positions for Congress this year at the mid term elections I had mentioned previously Jason Carter and Patrick Kennedy.

Christopher Nixon Cox, tonight’s young oligarch about Congress, (or hoping to be about Congress), is simply the latest in this seemingly endless line.  I have a little list.  You can be quite certain that he will not be the last.

Chris Cox as he likes to be known, perhaps because it doesn’t draw attention to the Nixon bit, is standing for this year’s New York 1st Congressional Division hoping to get into the US House of Representatives.  He is standing as a Republican just as his grandfather did.  Because young Chris is the grandson of Richard Milhous Nixon – yep ol’ Tricky Dicky himself, the man who brought you Watergate, worldwide disgrace, and a musical on Mao.

Nixon himself can claim descent from the Howland family.  Not the Howland of the Mayflower but Howland’s brother who came over in another boat during the “Great Migration” in the mid 1600’s.

Chris is the son of Nixon’s daughter Tricia, and Edward Ridley Finch Cox the chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, so no small cheese he.  His own family is noble and long with descents from the Finches, the Coxes, the Livingstones and the Delafields.  He even considered standing against Hillary Clinton in the recent Senatorial race.  But then changed his mind.

And that is not the limit of this man’s good political connections, for his aunty, Julia Nixon married David Eisenhower II the grandson of President Eisenhower.  David’s father was the Ambassador to Belgium.

Christopher shows signs of good political nous.  He is fiscally cautious, and he prefers less government to more, all instincts which stand a good chance in a year I suspect to be dominated by a swing to the right and the targeted activism of the Tea Party.

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