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So, the great day has come, and to the surprise of no one in particular, Jason Carter the grandson of President Jimmy (Can I talk to you about God?) Carter has got his feet nicely tucked under the table of the Georgia House of Representatives and looks set fair for a steady political career.

Not that he wanted anyone to think he got there by virtue of his name or by having Grandpappy and Nana out of the stump biging up his profile and handing out the leaflets.

So here’s a picture of Grandpappy and Jason out on the stump biging up the profile.


Added to this, the sight of Jimmy Carter making Al Nev – the Jewish prayer of contrition, conventionally delivered on Yom Kippur – for his past sins of pissing off the Jewish lobby all those years ago, was most entertaining.  Especially when one realised that the part of Georgia that Jason had chosen to campaign in was strongly Jewish.

And having more money than anyone else for the campaign wouldn’t hurt either.  So who paid his way?  Well one donor is Mrs Bobbitt – the daughter of another Democrat  President Lyndon B Johnston.  Well I suppose one has to help the boy along and keep the oiks out.

The lad’s learning.

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