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I  suggested recently, that with the retirement from politics, albeit temporarily, of Patrick Kennedy that we had come to the last of the Kennedys. 

Well, I wrote too soon it seems for if, as my premise suggests an oligarchy is about family connection as much as blood, then another Kennedy connection may be about to take his next step forward.

For Andrew Cuomo, presently the presentable Attorney General of New York State, is teasing us with an ongoing game of “Will he won’t he” regarding his competing for the post of Governor of New York State.  

Andrew Cuomo is the son of – oh you guessed already – the former Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo.  Andrew was married to Kerry Kennedy the daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy, who had been murdered whilst running for President.  He has three children by her and is presently divorced.  The children have the surname Kennedy-Cuomo so that they might not forget their heritage.  He is not above wheeling them into the act already to design campaign posters!

He has made something of a splash, romancing the TV cook and celebrity Sandra Lee who is very pretty, making them a “golden couple” in the solid American tradition.

We will know (maybe), by May 25th.