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When starting the blog I had suspected that I would find a few strange oddities on the way.  I most certainly did not expect to find that quite so many respected politicians in America have gone down the clothes off entertainment/model route before branching into politics.

It seems peculiarly American, in that I can’t immediately find parallels elsewhere.

But so many of them do, and to the ranks of the nudist Senator from Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, Ex Governor Sarah Palin, Representative Millicent Hammond, President Gerald Ford, and Sue Lowden running for Senate in Nevada,  I can now add the Governator himself.  Of course!  Arnold Schwarzenegger started out life when he emigrated from Austria as a body-builder and Mr Olympia, before a career in acting brought him the roles of Conan the Tax Collector and of course now Governator II.  He now lives in semi retirement as the Governor of California.

Arnie is also connected with an oligarch family in that he has married Maria Shriver the daughter of Eunice Kennedy and the niece of President John F Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy and everyone’s favourite uncle Teddy.

But what I would love is for someone to tell me is why is it only the Republicans go in for this ostentatious narcissism and display?

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