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Alvin Stardust?  Al Green the musician?  Alvin and the Chipmunks?Google has still to catch up with the overnight sensation that is Alvin Green.  This un-employed mystery man with no money, no campaign signs, no staff, no background, no well placed friends or family and no website swept all before him last night to become, surprisingly, (even to himself I suspect) the Democratic party’s choice to fight the Senate seat in South Carolina.

“Um I’m self managed” he said.

Carol Fowler, the State Democrat Party Chair, was moved to state – somewhat uncharitably you might think- that this success was down the “voters unfamiliar with either candidate voting alphabetically for Green rather that Rawl “ his favoured opponent.  OK Carol, so you’re saying that your preferred guy was so complacent and you did such a dud job that no one knew him either?

Vic Rawl was a four term State House termer, a well known prosecutor, a circuit judge etc etc.  I mean how could the punters not have known him?

59% apparently couldn’t tell the difference.  No Carol, not really.

Maybe the electorate is telling you something.  They knew the bold boy perfectly well.  They could tell he was built in with the bricks, that he was a party man to his toenails.  And Carol, they didn’t like that one little bit.  Maybe the punters are telling that they blame the ghastly mess we are all in on exactly that type of complacent lazy jobs-worths that have been in control of the economy and the regulators, and they don’t want them any more.

Maybe they would rather have this nice plain spoken young man who has served in the military over yet another smart- talking, slippery, bloody lawyer.

The “smart” money is saying that Alvin doesn’t stand a chance against sitting Senator Jim DeMint.  Really?

Go for it son.  This will be one to watch!