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The tables are booked, the dresses chosen, and Bill’s sworn off the big mac’s and already lost 7 lbs with only another 8 to go before the big day.  Yes indeed at the end of next month all eyes will be turning to a happy story, a love story, an good old fashioned political marriage down at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

For on 31st July that onetime gangly, toothy, wiry haired Chelsea Clinton will be transformed into a princess when she marries her long time friend and classmate Marc Mezvinsky.  Bless.

It looks like the society wedding of the year, and its all ticket too!

For our point though it would have been churlish to intrude on a private occasion. Except of course this is anything but.

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of President Bill Clinton, and Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will marry the son of Edward Mezvinsky a former Democrat Representative from Iowa and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky a former Democrat Representative from  Pennsylvania.  It will be the Political Wedding of the year.

He is a financier working for the Hedge Fund G3 Capital, and was formally with Goldman Sachs.  So he is clever and has money to support her.

And Chelsea, what does she do?  Well I think we got way more than just a hint back last year when mummy was running for the Presidency.  Chelsea turned out for the old gal.  And she did a damn sight more than just stand about showing off the highlights and a goofy smile.  She worked the stump.  Up and down the country out there on stage getting the vote out.  She really looked the part.  Gone was the little girl, and there in front of you was a new remarkably savvy politician. And they loved her.  More important she loved it too.  Maybe she said nothing but her eyes told it all.

You don’t take to the political stage as the Clinton’s only daughter if your intention is to marry a dentist and live in rural seclusion in Wyoming.  Marc knows the score, he comes from a family embalmed in politics.  He will understand entirely when she decides to run.

Watch this space the Clintons have a lot of political life left there yet.

Copyright David Macadam 2010