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Jeb Bush, son of President G H W Bush, and brother of President G W Bush has announced to CBS that he has no intention of running for President in 2012.  That will be why the  “Jeb Bush is running in 2012” story is all over the net at the moment.  Remember how Barak Obama said he never even had it in mind to run for President as late as oh, 2008?

So we can take that with a salt mine then.

Florida party chair Cardenas told CBS that “Every member of the House and Senate I talk to, if I ask them who is a difference-maker in our party, they will tell you Jeb Bush”.

Florida calls early in the Primary circuses.  Could it be worth a try-out?  By 2012 who knows maybe Americans will be shouting for another Bush the way Russians look back to a Stalinist golden age.

So…..who’s for Jeb Bush / Sarah Palin?

The hills – run now – save as many as you can…..

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