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Sarah Palin, my favourite oligarch in waiting, has lifted her fundraising game to unexpected heights!  Looks like she has got to grips all round with a view to a possible 2012 entry.

She got $866,000 in the second quarter of 2010 for the “Palin political action committee” or SarahPAC as its snappily called.

She is also spending hugely too.  $742,000 on solid campaign stalwarts – the list-building exercise and the fundraising and all those direct mail shots.  She also spent $17,000 on jet travel and speeches.  Please God it was mostly on the travel.

Its all the small beer stuff too.  Its Facebook posts, Tweets, odd (yes, very) speeches and begging emails.  But it shows she is getting organised.  She is paying for scheduling help.

Sarah’s all grown up and going to save America!

Could she yet be a real Palin in the arse for Obama?

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