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Well, we haven’t even got through the mid terms but the guys are already out there muscling in for pole position in the nomination race for 2012.

This post it’s the turn of Mitt Romney to step forward.  He and Sarah Palin are jostling for maximum attention at the moment.  He playing the quiet business-like elder statesman dealing clearly with the issues of the people, and she yapping and snapping away at his ankles and making him jump.  It’s not very edifying.

Mitt Romney is relying on a fair bit of name recognition here, we met him before as a possible nomination last time round.  He has been a Governor of Massachusetts recently from 2003 to 2007, so he is well known.  His father was George Romney, the former Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 69 who himself was also a candidate for Presidential nomination in 1968.  He never got nominated, largely I felt because he made the mistake of telling people the truth.  That will never work!

The family are no strangers to the establishment, and in my submission fall firmly into the oligarchical family mould.  However, despite the fact that they have been in America since their ancestors came to Connecticut in the seventeenth century, they don’t have the necessary sheer weight of ancestry behind them.  Yes, George was a Governor, yes they are Mormon royalty through Parley Pratt, and yes there is indeed a Mayflower descent from Joseph Rodgers, all of which counts.  But Sarah Palin has multiple Mayflower descents and she is playing a very cunning game.

Mitt is every bit the Standford University graduate who went on to Harvard Business School, and Sarah is camping it up with the common-as-muck-straight-talking-hockey-mum-and-moose-slayer nonsense.  Sarah is a lot less common then she makes out.

Part of the feel of the 2012 election and to an extent the mid terms in 2010 will be, I suspect, a voter rejection of that class of experts who got us all in this mess.  The University economists, the government advisors, the hard men of Wall Street who never saw any of this coming.  Indeed, whose folly greed and sheer astonishing incompetence gave us this unholy mess.

Will ol’ Mitt be seen as part of the problem rather than its solution?

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