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Looks like, when I said in an earlier post that the political wedding of the year was going to be the Chelsea Clinton affair I spoke too soon.  Because the wedding you didn’t care about in the first place is now back on.  Again.  Officially.  Perhaps.

Camelot this isn’t.  Think “The Scheme” and you’re getting closer.

Doubtless you will recall, indeed how could you have avoided, the pantomime that was the Palin family in 2009 being paraded before the nation and the world, in all their awkward glory like the Von Trappe family on a day outing to Lidl’s.  You must remember the gawky teenaged Levi Johnston cleaned up and shoved into a badly cut blazer standing by his clearly pregnant girlfriend, the swelling daughter of Sarah Palin.  How all the country debated the matter and then thought  oh hey this sort of thing happens in all families and at least they are being open about it.  It would all blow over.

You guessed!  It hasn’t. 

For those just catching up, here is a quick resume.

After their TV appearances the young couple tried to make a go of it.  Young, probably a bit immature, and under immense pressure (well how would you like having Sarah the moose killer for a mother in law?  No, me neither.)  It all sort of fell apart. 

Bristol started seeing someone else.  Then came the inevitable squabbles about access, and Levi being called a “deadbeat dad“ and demands for child maintenence.  Even so, we who were watching saw only what happens in hundreds of families everywhere.

The nude photoshoot for Playgirl though, was a surprise, and doubtless astonished Sarah too.  Dishing the dirt on the Palins in Vanity Fair probably also played well.  So we can understand that when the couple decided that they might give it another go it was going to be a tad difficult breaking the news to Sarah.

So they did it by selling the story to a popular celebrity weekly, the US Weekly whose cover is featured in this post.

Levi has apologised to Sarah, we know this because he did that through People magazine.  I’m not sure that Sarah’s reported comments of “Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle with” means that mummy is entirely on side yet.

There is though, the unresolved matter of Bristol’s dumped boyfriend.  Wonder if he too is thinking of telling celebrity mags of his time with the Palins?  Oh there must be a book deal there somewhere?

Shushannah Walshe of the Daily Beast is making much of all this and you can do a lot worse than clicking on there to read her take too.

The wedding is set for “the next month or so back home in Alaska”.  They will be having it outdoors.  It’s got to be deliberate.  Do these people not think, or is this all a pilot for a reality show?  A new “Dynasty” perhaps?  Outdoors so every paper in the world can get easy shots and right in the middle of the slackest news month of the year. 

Sarah’s going to love that.

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