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It’s a wig right?  Either that or its boot polish..


Politicians work to weird time scales.  To the real pro’s the 2012 Primaries are all but upon them and they are starting to jostle to see who is in and who is out.

Today I think a look at the GOP (Grand Old Party) or Republicans is worth a shot.  We have looked at a couple from the front runners, Palin, Romney,  and now we turn to old man Huckabee.

A lot of people are talking Huckabee up at the moment.  And he certainly has some very good points.  He has been Governor of Arkansas.  He was a possible nomination last time.  He is a solid intelligent man.  He is notably religious, being a Baptist minister in a country where everyone wears their religion on their sleeve.  And he is an honest sort of guy from working class stock.  And that for me is his problem.  Yes, he has family that do stretch back to seventeenth century Connecticut, but that’s not the point.  He has no oligarch blood and that marks him as different from say Romney and Palin who both have solid oligarch roots.  Especially Palin. 

If you don’t think it matters look at the polls.  He’s already sitting as a bad third and all the attention keeps going back to Palin and Romney.  Palin only needs to fumble her lines or invent a silly word or look at her hand written notes rather than a telly prompt, and she slips ahead.

So why do I write about him today?  Perhaps because it’s a flat day and he’s a filler.

It’s no recommendation for 2012.

Flag photo credit David Ball 2007 used by kind permission. 
David Ball also took the picture top above used by Wikipedia 

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