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Well, today, Tuesday, he finally came out and made it all clear.

He has stated his moderate stance on immigration, we know about his marriage to a Hispanic American, that he speaks Spanish (properly unlike some in his family) and is almost an honorary Cuban.  His popularity in Florida and the Hispanic west might leach  support away from Obama.

But today on ABC/WHAS he has told us “I am not running for President.”  

He’s said it before and it reminds an old classicist like me that Caesar too made a show in public of refusing the crown three times before the crowd as they bayed for his acceptance.

The crowd still bays. “Please please change your mind, be the acceptable face of the republicans” they say.

He is still their fall-back if no one else fires up the party, or they finally see through Palin.  The men in suits may calculate he could step forward as the only figure who can unite the party and lead them Messiah-like to national victory.

Me?  I think the lady protests too much.

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