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With almost priceless timing and as a complete counterpoint to the style and organisation of the of the biggest political marriage of the year earlier this week, we can sit and watch astonished as yet again the Palin family show us how its done in the real world.

The word has gone out to the caterers to cancel those blue plate specials, and the once happy couple will be packing up and returning the Lego nativity scenes, Indian wolf pictures, rain lamps, gift wrapped hub caps and used tractor parts, that we were told were on their Wal-Mart  wedding gift list.

We will now no longer be sure who would have been the winner in that toilet seat throwing contest that was set to be a feature of the evening reception, and for which we had Bill Clinton down as the runaway favourite. 


Come on Bill we believe in you…

So why have the couple broken up? Its not entirely clear except we know that it simply cannot be that Levi sired yet another child by another girlfriend.  Don’t they teach contraception out there in Alaska?

But we do know Sarah was not happy.   And if Sarah ain’t happy then no-ones going to be happy.

And of course we had to hear about it – from both sides – as the Palins conduct their attention starved and money grabbing domestic life through the megaphones of “People” magazine.

Class.  You just can’t buy it can you?

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