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It’s August, and the media’s blood runs thin and cold.  Tumbleweed rolls across the newsroom floors.  No one’s here, everyone’s on holiday save only the most junior of staff, stuck in half empty buildings in half empty towns.  You can’t catch anyone for a comment, and no one gives a damn.  There is no real news out there, so the B team and the juniors run quizzes and polls.  Something then for us to discuss, and laugh at whilst sunning the buns on holiday.  The latest offering is one by Gallup, asking who would be the top ten contenders for the Republican nomination and seeking to rank them.  It’s copied here.

The Political Dog http://Politicaldog101.com has its own slimmed down affair and I think that should be of interest too, when the results come in.  At least his are all contenders!

Gallup, Dog or Theoligarchkings, we all know it’s fanciful since there is so much time to go.  But hey, it’s August and why shouldn’t we have a poll and a laugh too.

So, Gallup came up with 10 and listed the results.  A rather odd selection, especially if you’ve been reading the posts here.  They ranked them as follows.

Mitt Romney the former candidate and professional Mormon gets 26%

Mike Huckabee the bewigged, worthy, boring dull and very unlikely.  He gets16%.  No oligarch here, he has the unenviable position of having gone from promising young new-comer to burned out old has-been without any position in-between

Sarah Palin the hazel eyed temptress former Governor of Alaska, doyen of the Tea Party and major oligarch figure, gets 12%.  That’s a bit low I feel, but watch for the VP position going her way.

David Petraeus, a US General, for those who like their politicians in a uniform.  His would have a better chance if the US were actually winning any of its wars.  Being known to the poor bloody infantry who served under him as “Betray-us” doesn’t inspire confidence either.  No oligarch blood so not a serious contender.  Remember Wesley Clary last time round?  Yeah? So just as likely a candidate.  Given an unlikely high by Gallup of 11%.  (They are just being provocative.)

Newt Gingrich was former Speaker of the House of Representatives and has good name recognition.  Problem is, people remember they don’t like him.  He has made too many enemies and his score is way too high at 10%

Hilariously, Bobby Jindal Gov of Louisiana is touted.  Who says Gallup don’t have a sense of humour?  No
Oligarch blood, so this score is way too high at  8%

Jeb Bush the dark “outsider” who isn’t even in the race?   6%

Senator Lindsey Graham South Carolina in at 4%.

Rudy Giuliani rises Vampire like from a political grave.  Only known for his work at Ground Zero in the wake of 9/11.
Rude ol’ Giuliani has offended so many, and not least his core catholic support, with his divorces and behaviour that his score may not even be as deserved as given here.  This one trick pony comes in at 4%.

Charlie Crist is only here because the hacks want to call his opponent the anti-Crist.  So inevitably down at the bottom at 3%

Guaranteed only to change long before their sell by dates in 2012!

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