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So far in my series of young oligarchs seeking to follow their fathers and grandfathers into seats of power influence and money, I have noted Nixon’s grandson, Carter’s grandson, Bush’s son, and now to complete that feeling that the seventies and eighties are with us yet, is son of Quayle.

Yes indeed little Ben Quayle, son of J Danforth Quayle, former US Senator from Indiana and former Vice President under Papa Bush, is set fair to go to Congress to represent Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.

Ben is prime oligarch material, his family having had their feet firmly under the table since the days of the Mayflower.

Benny has six descents from this little boat.  And that’s saying some as it only fifty one souls from it survived the first winter.

He has two descents from Myles Standish, the diminutive soldier leader, which run like this:

BEN QUAYLE – Dan Quayle – James Quayle – Maria Clive – Delia Burras – Oscar Burras – Sally Standish – Zachariah Standish – Ebenezer Standish – Alexander Standish – MYLES STANDISH

and another (which also includes a further descent from Myles Standish) is from John Alden which is as follows

BEN QUAYLE – Dan Quayle – James Quayle – Maria Clive – Delia Burras – Oscar Burras – Sally Standish-Peleg Standish – Zachariah Standish – Zachariah Standish – EbenezarStandish – Sarah Alden – JOHN ALDEN

Additionally there are further Mayflower descents from Patricia Mullins, Constance Hopkins, and Stephen Hopkins.

This gives at least six separate descents from the Mayflower which I use here as a shorthand for the level of oligarchical descent exhibited by an individual.  For Ben Quayle it’s even greater than Sarah Palin.

So young Ben has a lot to live up to?  Well not really, more the other way round.  Daddy is something to live down.  His father, Dan Quayle was one of the most inappropriate choices for Vice President in living memory.  Gaffe prone to a spectacular degree, and dumber than a mud fence, Danforth stood in as a preppy Robin to George H W Bush’s Batman.  He left in his trail a slew of foibles and foolishness most of which you will be glad to learn were caught on film and contributed to the gaiety of nations.  My how we laughed.

My favourite was Dan trying unsuccessfully to spell “potato” live on camera:

Really looking forward to the little guy.

Copyright David Macadam 2010