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Nothing has quite shown us how closely Chelsea Clinton is being cast into the role of America’s Princess Diana than the almost instantaneous intimations of her imminent fecundity which have followed the political wedding of year.

Chelsea is due to make her first public appearance following that political event of the year in a benefit bash for the Clinton / Bush Haiti fund.

And what’s wrong with that?  Surely it’s just a bit of charity work for a good cause sponsored by daddy.  It’s not political.  She’s not trying it out for size.  No, no, heaven forefend.  Just as long as we are all clear on that then.  Just a charity spot.  Very Kennedy.

But being a clever little Clinton there is a twist.

Apparently, you see, it is widely reported at founts of knowledge such as http://www.showbizspy.com that she mentioned to her old man at the wedding that he and Hillary will be grandparents come the spring, and this caused tears of pride and love to well from Bill’s emotion struck eyes.  Only sources say he’s not been keeping in good health lately, what with that by-pass op, so the knowledge that a baby is in the works will be just the thing to keep the old guy going.

So, come the big bash, which we all know is another try out for our favourite political deb, all eyes will be on Chelsea; the cut of her dress; whether she’s having an alcoholic drink; any change of diet; a new exercise programme, and so on and on for days and weeks to come.

Yep, she’s catching on real fast.

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