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 He really gets the room going doesnt he ?

The Republicans know that it is absolutely essential to make certain of as many wins as possible in November to regain control of Congress.

Liberal control of House and Senate has focussed minds at the highest level.  They are smartening up the act and fronting up their brightest and best.

So what were they thinking of in Arizona?  OK, it’s probable that of any part of the state the district that covers northern Phoenix, Scotsdale and Paradise Valley had to be the most rock hard, dead cert, Republican.  It’s the seat that John Shadegg is vacating through retirement.  They could have the pick of their best parachuted into a nice safe seat.

Instead, with the choice of Bumbling Ben, the cack handed son of dozy ex-Vice President Dan (I ain’t no Jack Kennedy) Quayle, they seem to be on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  The establishment have shoved their little oligarch through by the slightest of margins.

Our solid, stolid, dim looking oligarch, managed only the slimmest of wins in Tuesday’s primaries and continually presents a thin figure lacking substance.  He is limping towards November with huge problems ahead of him in returning Republicans to vote for him. 

Looks like he has actually managed to make this district look interesting.

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