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Its all a matter of timing, of some primeval unerring instinct of knowing just that right moment to jump, to plunge right in.  The dabbler of toes in the water, the tester of the wind, the hesitant –or plain cautious is lost, left behind never to catch up.  But when to go?

 Friday may be that day.

 And Iowa might be the place to watch.

 The road to the White House is never easy but it is undoubtedly long, and the contenders are already starting to bunch up at the starting lines pushing and jostling each other to rush forward first and fall, or go themselves and gain that essential name recognition and all important early advantage.

The fundraising machine is in place, and the beginnings of a slick machine are there too.  Friday is when Sarah Palin our favourite Oligarch about the country is the main speaker at a $100 a seat Republican dinner in Des Moines, Iowa. 

 Everything points to a run.  Now, at the moment, everyone dislikes her.  The Democrats sniff at her down home un-sophistication, and Republicans for polarising the electorate – by which they mean losing them votes to the Tea Party.  They don’t count.  Palin is aiming this speech at the Iowa caucus direct.  She’s not the first to visit, Gingrich was here last week and Pawlenty has been five times already this year but she’s the one we are aware of.  Her publicity is so much better than her competitors.

 And these competitors don’t excite the peasants.  Romney is the establishment choice but isn’t warm and approachable like Palin.  (Seriously I get comments each time I post about her from people telling me how sexy she is).  Which I don’t get about Gingrich.  Pawlenty is only there because of his money, and the others like Haley Barbour the governor of Mississippi, Mitch Daniels governor of Indiana and Senator John Thune of South Dakota are nowhere near as well known.   

She has been building her support steadily through the year.  Not sure at the end of all this I would bet on a full Presidential –but she might get the VP ticket.


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