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 If you were wondering what to buy for your loved ones for Christmas, The Oligarch Kings can solve that right now.  Sarah Palin is bringing out yet another book just in time for Christmas.  The issue date is supposed to be 23 November, timed with Palin’s usual panache, for a book tour run nicely chiming in with the mid term elections or even to emphasise her Presidential ambitions.

It is called “America by Heart” and will, we are told, give us portraits of extraordinary men and women whom she admires, and who embody her deep love of the country and her roots.   The print run is set at a million.  It is being published by HarperCollins and the price is set for $25.99. 

Which I think is a bit pricy as it is not actually written by her.  Sarah is apparently working with a collaborator (now there is a thought….) which actually means a ghost. 

We only have the cover so far, but that is fascinating.  You will have noticed the bejewelled pin and bracelet set in colours showing her patriotism. 

But did you look closely at her eyes?  Sarah Palin in real life has hazel or light brown eyes and the cover appears to show her with blue or gray eyes.  The effect is clearer on Mudflats website where the magnification is greater than I have here.  Yes!  Sarah Palin has allowed herself to be photo-shopped to match her jumper.


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