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Doubtless you too watched in stunned awe as the voters of Delaware decided to put Christine O’Donnell into the running as the Grand Old Party’s selected candidate for Senator in the November polls.

Perhaps you too thought that choosing someone  who believed in creationism and the merits of not masturbating was a curious choice.  Well, it seems that we didn’t know the half of it.

Christine O’Donnell has felt the need to pull out of both her Sunday CBS “Face the Nation” slot and her appearance on Fox News.

Why?  Well, because she has been outed, as of all things, a witch.  Nice to see America returning to its roots.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a pagan.  It’s not a bad religion, in warm climates you get lots of fresh air and an all over tan.  I’ve met a few in my time and even let them talk with my children.  Which is a deal sight less risky than leaving them alone with Catholic priests.  Nowadays there are lots of them about.  Here they tend to be worthy bicycle riding green types possessed more by the virtues of eating yogurt, nude yoga, and organic macrobiotics than alchemy and sacrificing cockerels.   But her version of all this is way odd.

In politics it just doesn’t pay not to be upfront with ones past, especially when what you espouse today is at such variance with your old self.  George Bush was never harmed by his history of heavy drinking and his subsequent conversion to Christianity because it was all out there already.  You just call it “your journey” and everyone will love you.

Anyway judge for yourselves. Check the Youtube.

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