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Come over to the right my padawan, come over to the right…

Its not often that you see the guiding hand of the oligarchy establishing its control openly for people to see, they normally try to be subtle about it, but the imminent election of interim Senator Goodwin (D W-V) is one of those rare moments.

Carte Patrick Goodwin is the young personable interim junior United States Democrat Senator for West Virginia.  He was, you may recall, appointed by Joe Manchin the Governor of the State after the death, earlier this year of the sitting Senator Robert Byrd.

Carte is set to stand for confirmation at an election on 2nd November to determine if he will serve the remaining two years of Robert Bryd’s term.  His chances, if his oligarchical background are anything to go by, and I think these always weigh unfairly in the balance, are excellent.

Carte is the son of Stephen and Ellen nee Gibson Goodwin.  Simple, solid middle class sorts you might think.  However, the family have been entrenching themselves into the political establishment of West Virginia for nigh on a century.  But they have needed help in doing so.

Uncle Joseph R Goodwin is a federal judge and a cousin is a US Attorney.  His father chaired West Virginia’s University Board of Governors and his wife, the fragrant Rochelle, is state director for Senator Rockefeller who is seen in the photo above guiding the rooky Senator.  The Rockefellers have supported aided and guided the Goodwins for years and by extension gained influence in West Virginia.

Carte’s sister Aly Goodwin Gregg is the senior Vice Principal at Charles Ryan Associates a large regional marketing and public relations firm.  Her husband, Patrick Gregg is Director of West Virginia’s College of Business and Economics.

Aunty Kay, the one married to Uncle Joe the Judge, whiles her time away by being West Virginia’s Secretary of Arts & Education.

Booth Goodwin, is United States Attorney for the southern district of West Virginia.  And Tom Goodwin is a former Tax Commissioner and Chief-of-staff for ……..ah yes……..Governor Rockefeller 1977-1980.

Booth is married to Amy Shuler Goodwin a public relations specialist at Goodwin Group.  She is a former TV anchor and reporter and was chief spokeswoman for Bob Wise when he was Governor and for Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign in West Virginia.

The family claim its oligarchical status from Robert and Lessie Goodwin back at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Bob was elected to the House of Delegates in 1932 aged only 21.  Bob and his brother C. E. “Bert” Goodwin set up Goodwin & Goodwin lawyers, the source of funds and influence.

The Rockefellers have always taken a deep interest in the advancement of this family.  They have historically had deep connections with other political families ( see here, here and here ) and its not just The Oligarch Kings that sees the hand of an oligarchy seeking to maintain its own hold in the Senate by bolstering a family power in West Virginia.

In 1982 Rockefeller wanted Joe Bob Goodwin to takeover as Chairman of the State Democrat Party in what was the hottest fight of the year.  The party chairman at the time, one J.C. Dillon Jnr, accused Rockefeller of trying to control the party.  He said at the time,

It is now clear that Gov. Rockefeller is trying to take control of the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party in order to create a dynasty in West Virginia Politics” .

Asked about his family during the press conference announcing his appointment Carte said “There’s no such thing as an elite from Mt.Alto.West Virginia”

 Oh really?

 Copyright David Macadam 2010