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Another week, another joke filled series of gaffes, and another slice of TV gold.  Sheesh Christine O’Donnell has more air time than the weather guys.  She certainly has more back videos than Bin Laden.  This below is shows her talking about dabbling in every religion possible before lighting on Christianity.  Lucky Christianity.

 “ I was dabbling in witching [sic], I’ve dabbled in Buddhism”, O’Donnell said in “Politically Correct” back in 1999.  “I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn’t want to be a vegetarian.  And the reason why – because I’m Italian, I love meatballs!”

 This is just to heap on top of a long list of gaffes.  “Masturbation is adultery”, “Scientists have created mice with human brains”, “women shouldn’t be in the military”, and “evolution is a myth”.  O’Donnell also believes she has heard “the audible voice of God” and that her opponents are “following me and hiding in the bushes”.  Shaking with laughter no doubt.

 Her educational attainments too are starting to catch up with them eing openly called into question.  Further doubts were expressed about whether she had gone to Universities like Oxford.  Like one had to ask?  It all prompted jokes like the following.

 “Today we found out that a third college that she said she had attended has no record of ever knowing her.  I’m starting to wonder if she ever really went to Hogwarts” said Bill Maher.  That should be a career killer if ever there is any justice.

Even her own side are getting in on the act.  We haven’t laughed as much since Ben Quayle’s dad had us rolling in the aisles.  Republican Senator Tom Coburn was reported to say yesterday that Christine O’Donnell, if elected, will be able to combat the stupidity in Washington.  So I guess they are going to fight fire with fire.

Oh yeah,  she’s still tender about the witch jokes….

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