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Judging by my stats everyone seems really to have enjoyed Yanko Isvetkov’s surreal maps at “American Stereotypes of Europe put on a map”, even more than those of Eric Fischer’s racial divides within American cities which I posted at “America’s cities mapped by race”. So I thought that you might be interested in another wonderful rendering of political argument as visual mapping. The above is by Laura Canali and is entitled “Obama’s Big Game” This, and a wide selection of others by her are found at a site called “Heartland : Eurasian review of Geopolitics” and Limes Rivista Italiana Di Geopolitics. I chose her beautiful rendering of “Obama’s Big Game”, showing the middle east. See how Iran finds herself surrounded, almost throttled, by a necklace of American bases. And look at the planned Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline running through the middle, like a fracture in a geological map, with political tectonic plates on either side. She really deserves the old cartographers’ adage of “Clarissima lumina mundi”.

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