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I was never a great one for bar charts, or statistics presented in monotonous tables.  Mathematics was never my thing, I was weak, and unworthy. Serried ranks of tabular figures just didn’t do it. I liked, and still do, my political information presented in as visual and as appealing a way as possible. Hence the posts throughout this month of American Stereotypes, or American cities mapped by race. A good map is really worth a thousand words.

Now here is a new way to see death in the city. Murder Map has come out with a map of London showing every spot where someone met a grisly end. Founders Nick Cullen (27) and Peter Stubley (33) trawl publically available information about murders in Britain’s capital and plot them in jolly colours on the map.

 They list by various categories; knife;gun;ligature;poison; vehicle;blunt object etc. I recommend this to people looking for flats in the city. Get a real view of the neighbourhood before committing yourselves. Absolutely fascinating. I understand that this is not yet available for the US yet, but they are working on it. Cant wait to see New York, Los Angeles, or Washington depicted.

The site is professional and I recommend a rummage about.

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