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Just when you thought that Rich Lott, the Tea Party hopeful who decided that dressing himself and his wee boy up as Nazi SS officers and re-enacting the glories of Barbarossa was a great father – son bonding exercise, was a one-off, we find to our (well mine certainly) utter astonishment it wasn’t.

This time however the idiot lies over the sea.  The Huddersfield Daily Examiner and others breaking the news.

The face that stares out at you is that of Mike Gardner, the British Council Führer for Harrogate Council.  Harrogate is a small, twee and rather self satisfied little town in Yorkshire, England. 

Unlike the Republican party in America , the Conservative party took a deeply dim view of it all moving swiftly to de-select this tactless buffoon before further damage could be done.  “For Councillor Mike Gardner to dress up as he did “ they said “ was utterly unacceptable”.  And out he went.  As I say unlike Rich Lott. 

Not that he even seems to have got what is wrong here.  “This was an exception” he said  “I am not a Nazi and I don’t behave like that”.  “I don’t dress up as a Nazi normally”.  And in a hopeless attempt to make it sound better “It was a private party”.

He said he couldnt remember them being taken or his having given the salute.  So I hope he wasnt driving that evening.

So if it was private how did this all get out?  Well his partner thought the photos were so spiffingly funny and jolly, that she dumped them (oh you’re ahead of me) on Facebook.  Surprise, surprise they leaked out and here we are staring at yet another politician who thinks dressing up as part of one of the most murderous regimes of the last century, whose legacy scars almost every family in Europe is cool.  Funny.  A big joke. 

Perhaps someone can explain to me the attraction for politicians of this?

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