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The Tea Party was born in the white heat of the working man and woman’s righteous anger at the folly of “the experts”, those self appointed, self aggrandising front men for the banking elites of Wall Street. The fools of university economic experts who never saw it coming,  the corrupt, lazy, lackadaisical legislature that took it’s focus off regulation because it was boring and hard work, but took the businessman’s  funding anyway, and turned their blind, stupid eyes away…and who all let the financial system crash.

It reacted to the vile sight of the foolish and mendacious being rewarded for their greed and incompetence,  being bailed out with the money of the common man and who then continued to pay themselves their bonuses whilst simultaneously foreclosing on the homes of their saviours.

And it is being hijacked.  Diverted from its truly revolutionary insight to cast out the parasites, it is being lured by the media to revisit it’s favourite bête noirs and rail against smaller causes

The Swash – an excellent, well written, and righteously angry blog – angry about all the things it is right to be angry about, has a post at “Dylan Ratigan Slams Tea Party Borg Hive” quoting Karl Denninger of FedupUSA, that the Tea Party Patriots have been successfully neutralised from being a really effective almost revolutionary force that threatened the “banksters” who usurped power by extorting a bailout of their financial mess.

Denninger believes these to have been, at best, civilly actionable, if not actually criminally fraudulent. 

Now, I don’t agree with all he has to say, I don’t, for instance, see the Tea Party as purely a Republican ginger group, but I do agree that the right wing media has sought to divert the people’s anger back to older causes which are easier for the parties to manage.  As Denninger  pithily puts it, back on “God and Gays and Guns,” where what is said, has all been said before.

Obama himself saw this as a risk as far back as an un-miked moment in San Francisco in 2008 where he said an electorate facing economic hardship would “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them”.

The Tea Party is a protest against the bailouts of the companies whose greed and incompetence drove the economy over a cliff.

It is against the corruption of the economy.  It is against the stupid bovine indolence of the political classes. It is against the casual acquiescence of the media.  It is against the invention of idiotic securities no one understood and the regulators would not ban.  It is against the judges who sought to protect the guilty.  Above all it is against corruption.

Now the media has it banging on about evolution and mosques, and whether people should be allowed to masturbate.  Is this the price that Sarah Palin is paying the Republicans for the chance to be Vice President in 2012?  Selling out the justified anger of the ordinary American people?.

Denninger says “Sarah Palin has said not one word about locking up the banksters that brought …on the housing bubble and economic collapse”.

Tea Party my ass.  This was nothing other than the Republican party stealing the anger of the population that was fed up with the Republican Party’s own theft of their tax money on a bail out of the robbers of Wall Street.”

He declares that the Tea Party will “toe the establishment Republican line”.  I am less sure.  The Tea party is no-one’s baby and is just angry with everyone, Democrat or Republican.  They will go for the incumbents, whichever party they stand for.  Which is one reason why the Democrats will suffer disproportionately, since they have a majority.  It is also why muppets like O’Donnell oust the party favourites.  It is also why, despite derision, she may well still win.  Because the derision, is as far as the Tea Party are concerned, from the very people and media that landed everyone in this mess.

Finally Obama can always be counted on to snatch defeat by calling his supporters “thick”.  His schoolmasterly, professorial manner, so Presidential,  is too starched for today, it just irritates people to be talked down to.  It doesn’t do today to be pitying those not able to “think clearly” because are “scared”.   

Copyright David Macadam 2012