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It’s everywhere, first with the Daily Telegraph, and then to Uncle Tom Cobblers and  all points west.  It’s not even been knocked off by the UPS bomb.  It is the astonishing news that Karl Rove (known as Turd Blossom to his friends and employers) has said right out loud that he thinks that the beatified Sarah is shallow, trite and a light weight. Or lacking gravitas as he poshly put it.

Shock horror, hold the front page. 

“There are high standards that the American people have for it [the Presidency] and they require a certain level of gravitas, and they want to look at the candidate and say “that candidate is doing things that give me confidence that they are up to the most demanding job in the world”.

And with a straight face too!  This man pushed GW onto us, the man who dragged his country and others into worthless wars, condoned illegal prison camps, tortured numberless people, ran a gulag of secret prisons in other people’s countries so that he could avoid his own laws and press, took away such regulation as the banks had, and crashed the financial system of the entire planet.  Him.

But instead of getting angry, tempting as that is, we might ask ourselves why he should be the one to choose to come out with such stuff, and why he chooses now to say it. ‘Cos with these guys it’s never by accident.

Well, going back to previous posts, we might see Karl Rove as an “obligated soul”, one who owes his place, position, money and influence to the patronage of an oligarchical political family.  The Bushes in this case.

Last week (22nd October) Jeb Bush was speaking on CNN to John King who asked what he, Jeb, thought of a Palin run in 2012.  And Jeb said he’d support it, if he didn’t run himself.  Most commentators – and to be honest I didn’t see much made of this interview myself- (I am sure I will be corrected here!) only latched onto the first half of the reply the bit where he said that he would support her. 

Beware, Jeb is still out there waiting to step forward as the Republican candidate with the gravitas to save you from a shallow, trite, reality show candidate.  And Karl is showing him the way home.

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