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There has been one person who was even more absent from the TV screens in the run up to those mid-terms than Joe (who?) Biden and that was Hillary.

Whilst everyone else was sweating it out supporting Obama, Hillary was making certain she was absolutely nowhere near this up-coming car crash of a campaign.  Indeed she couldn’t have made her distance from Obama more obvious than by being where she was, half the planet away doing the business of America in Asia and the Antipodes.

Trouble is the election results are not quite definitive enough for Hillary who has been left in an awkward limbo.

True, Obama got a fairly good kicking at the polls, but he held onto the Senate.  Now that may or may not render him a lame duck President in the mould of Jimmy (Can I talk to you about God ) Carter, but it does mean he is unlikely to clear the stage entirely for the 2012 run.  Had it been worse he might have had to, so I think we can be certain that barring something really interesting and frightful, he will at the least attempt the second run.  Which makes it really difficult for Hillary to raise a campaign against him.

Not that that stops people hoping.  Ricochet.com hopes for a run “because women are better in a crisis”, deathandtaxesmag.com  because “they feel Hillary can strike like a ninja”.  Even New York Daily News’s Sarah Elizabeth Cupp thinks Hillary will run against Barak Obama.

I am not so sure.  The Clintons have always been sure fire getters-out of the black vote.  They have spent their entire political lives in support of black politics.  Therefore any run by her against a sitting Obama would split the black vote for which I suspect she would never be forgiven. 

So barring Obama realising he is part of the problem and not the solution and bowing gracefully out allowing Hills a straight run what else might be on offer?

Would he offer her the Vice President seat in place of the invisible man?  Joe certainly seems to see the risk as he’s been quick enough this week to pop out of hiding to rush round friendly media people saying Obama’s offered it to him already.  Obama though has been far quieter on the subject.  Would Obama  hope to bolster his lacklustre image with a VP people actually care about?  Or even remember what they look like?   Do we forsee old tired boring Biden retiring for health reasons in a year perhaps? 

Hillary’s strength is increasing and Biden looks weaker every time we remember he is actually still around.

 Hillary Clinton for VP 2012?

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