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The endless obsession of the British for importation of the lowest elements of American culture and mores, from hula hoops, CB Radio, squeezy cheese, obesity for the masses, and day time Jeremy Kyle style confessional TV, seems both inevitable and irreversible, so perhaps it was natural in the immediate heat of the mid terms for the BBC on Saturday morning to seek to find a British Tea Party faction so that we too can join in the fun.

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail had been the first of the scribblers that I could see to come out on Friday 3 November with the idea that Britain too should have its fair share of the ignorant, the poorly educated and the frankly deluded coming forward to tell us that we must by turns break with Europe, bring back hanging birching and flogging, embrace smaller government (except in defence and other Littlejohnian pet projects) slash welfare for the poor and stop any immigration from anywhere for ever.

The Guardian’s Martin Kebble in “Boris Johnson could be the Sarah Palin of a British Tea Party”  however, took a slower more reasoned and infinitely more tongue–in-cheek approach advocating  the happy flop haired Mayor Pooh Bear of London for the role

Unable to spot satire when it bites, this only seems rather to have encouraged them.  Dragging themselves out of the gutters came the deranged and incensed of politics.  First out the box pops Nigel Farage, (who is pictured above) the once, and when they could’nt find anyone else who could string a sentence together, the once again leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP as it’s easier to spell. 

There he was on Saturday’s BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme touting himself out as Britain’s answer to Sarah Palin.   He’s a good fit if you think on it.

But all is well.  It will never happen because the systems in America allow madnesses such as the Tea Party’s, and the British don’t.  We don’t have Primaries.  These are the American way of choosing the candidate and anyone can be shoved forward and voted for.  Thus the Republican party allowed itself to have Tea Party candidates shoved down its throat like the monster in Aliens, to suck on the life blood of the party, and burst forth at the election.

In Britain all the candidates are chosen by the party, way in advance and the idiots – well the worst anyway – filtered out before anyone gets to vote.

Sorry Nige.

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