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Believe me Jeb Bush will be running in 2012.

On Sean Hannity’s interview with George W Bush on Fox News, about his new book the only thing anyone can remember about the interview or the book (ok apart from that bit about picking up dog poo) was the emphatic restatement of the regrettable stance of brother Jeb, who simply will not be drawn out to fight for the Presidency in 2012.

No sir, not likely, no how.

Aye right.

George had said “I wish he would (be President), (but) he has to run first. And he has made it clear he is not running in 2012. And, when the man says, “I’m not running” he means it. I wish he would run”. There we have it then. The man is firm of purpose, standards, unswayed by personal ambition or the blandishments of family and friends.

Perhaps, but I have always said Jeb is playing a clever game. Realising that the very name “Bush” is anathema to whole swaths of the electorate, Jeb has to burn off some of that toxic taint his name carries. He cannot risk being seen as an oligarchic sprog riding his brother’s name to the Presidency. He may be a Bush but come on, he has standards – he sure as hell doesn’t want to be thought a Kennedy.

Better far to stand back from the fray, like Cincinnatus of old, and await the clamour that would force him, reluctantly of course, to step forward for the good of his country. Someone who could unite the fractured Republicans and heal a divided country. We have seen it with Karl Rove, and now GW has helped prime the pump. Whatever is said it most certainly does not mean that Jeb is anywhere else than moving centre stage for the 2012 race. “Uniting” is going to be the Jeb Bush buzzword. It’s a word we have been hearing more and more of about “Jeb the healer”.

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