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Even as we watch the financial world we once knew collapse around us the surreal, the bizarre and the downright weird give us hope for humanity.

Only in Ireland could the imminent collapse of the entire financial structure be met with as odd a solution as this.

For the Government there is going to raise the mood of the nation by a dole of … free cheese.  Yes indeed, as pensions go down the drain, jobs fly out the window and the banks come by asking for the house back, the Irish government is going to win you round ….with cheddar.  Huge bloody great chunks of it just for the taking.  Honest, this you could not make up.

Brendan Smith, the Irish Agriculture minister, stated that free cheddar was “contributing towards the well-being of the most deprived citizens”  Fine Gael, never the best at seeing the humour in anything, said it was an insult.  I paraphrase but slightly, when I say they said “If you are on the breadline the last thing you want is cheese.  We are in enough of a pickle as it is.”

The scene shifts to a small bar in the auld country, where the locals approach the news of the collapse of the economy with fatalism and free cheese, a smile, and of course a song.

 Come on everyone, join in…

Que Cheddar Cheddar
What ever will brie will brie
The Feta’s not ours to see
Que Cheddar Cheddar

Copyright David Macadam 2010