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The four yearly circus that is the US presidential race is a big tent, with two rings inside, where you can watch the Republican or Democrat political artistes fly and soar.

Beyond those rings, outside in the frontal area patrol the extras, every bit as necessary to our fullest enjoyment of the experience.  It just wouldn’t be the same without them.  Here we find the pundits, satirists and bloggers who strut and opine, amuse and entertain us, whilst the political actors and acrobats display their set pieces through the year.

It is also where the clowns come out to play.

To huge approval, and everyone’s delight, Donald is back with us this year after a short absence.  We have missed this classic act and it’s good he has returned again.  A period piece, it has to be said, and of its time, aging certainly, and not as light on his feet as once perhaps, but still (we think) with his own teeth – if not his own script, he remains everyone’s favourite billionaire show-off fat bastard arsehole.

The shouting, the rudeness the ill mannered bluster are all still there, so too the signature flyaway hair,  and of course that unforgettable catchphrase “You’re fired” that has the audience roaring it back to him remain as fresh as they were in 1992. 

Wonderful stuff I predict it will run and run.


Copyright David Macadam 2010.