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As the turkey digests and people return to normal after the annual blowout of family and marshmallow, I thought I might just include the above.  “A Thanksgiving Prayer” by William Burroughs.  He might be best known as a Beat Generation Poet, a wonderful spoken performer, and author of “The Naked Lunch”, we also know he was the quintessential American Writer – because that is what it says on his grave.  Shyness clearly doesn’t pay in the cut-throat world of American belles letters.

Here, in this blog, he is of course recognised as an oligarch poet, the nephew of Ivy Lee the founder of American public relations firms, and a member of an important Atlanta family politically and professionally close to the Rockefellers. 

Ivy Lee, and by extension his nephew, claim to be of the family of Robert E Lee.

So his sour opinion of Thanksgiving and American Dreams might be apposite in this recession filled world.  

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