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I’ll shoot him myself….

Well, its turned nastier faster than I had expected.  Last week we were all settling back, reading the papers and enjoying the gentle humiliation of the United States Diplomatic Service with their pointed jibes, and sour innuendo about this leader of the world or that.  I for one enjoyed the wit, barb and undoubted literary style of some of the diplomats cables.

An embarrassment certainly, but really little more if we are being truthful.

But today, the anniversary if anyone was noticing of the murder of Cicero, the mask slipped, and a different America is showing, her face darker and more deadly than we have seen for many years.

Two definite candidates for the next Presidential race have thought we needed their input on the affair, and the result is less than pretty.

Sarah Palin has seen Assange’s act as “treasonous” and called on the state to “use all necessary means to hunt him down like an Al-Qaeda terrorist”.  Leaving aside the obvious gaff that Assange is an Australian citizen who therefore cannot be tried for treason against the United States of America, (unless this is a monstrous Palin-esq extension of the Munro Doctrine) it is simply plainly incitement to murder.  It sounds no different to a Mullah’s calling for a Fatwa against the unbeliever.

Worse, she is not alone in such calls.  Mike Huckabee has called for the arrest and execution of those who leaked the documents to WikiLeaks in the first place.

Not to be left out Glenn Beck has made the same mistake as Palin in calling for Assange to be charged with Treason and executed.   

Whilst Assange is yet to be charged with any crime relating to Cablegate, will US prosecutors take action against these monstrous public incitements for murder? 

Don’t hold your breath.

Most egregious of all was Professor Tom Flanagan of the University of Calgary, and a senior advisor to Canada’s Prime Minister, who on a CBC interview suggested outright that Obama should assassinate Assange.  Afterwards, when given the opportunity to retract these outbursts he went further saying “I wouldn’t feel unhappy if Assange should disappear”.

Noam Chomsky remarked earlier this week that “Perhaps the most dramatic revelation [of the leaked cables] is the bitter hatred of democracy that is revealed by both the US Govt – Hillary Clinton [and] others- and also by the diplomatic service”.  You can catch the rest of his thoughts here.

The Internet has grown up this week.  And become a new battleground.

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