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Miss Sharon Stone the Hollywood star whose photo is being touted by Miss Ardin as her own!
Picture Huffington Post

The story of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks gets curiouser and curiouser, as facts and background info start to seep out into the real world.

Anna Ardin, aka Bernardin, who would like you to believe she looks like Sharon Stone as pictured above, courtesy of Crikey an Australian blog via Twitter via Huffington Post today, ( I am grateful to my contributor Lynn Cee below who pointed  this out) is one of the two women in the case against him.  She is a gender equity officer at Uppsala University and a former Swedish embassy official who served in Buenos Aires and Havana.  She was reportedly asked to leave there after being discovered working with anti Castro groups themselves, allvoices.gom say, linked with the CIA and funded by the US. 

The details of the how and wherefore of their getting together, and the extent to which we may think that what happened was rape, are best read in Justin Raimondo’s original article “Assange in the honey trap”.  If the link given is broken then you may need – as I did – to hunt about for it.  Funny that, broken links and blank pages?

In order to support her claims she recruited Claes Borgstrom, a lawyer who had previously worked as an Equal Opportunities Ombudsman on the ever trendy subject of gender equality issues.  His interests seemingly including expanding the concept of rape far beyond that of forced or coerced sexual congress and to make this new definition law.

So far so interesting in itself, and it certainly colours one’s view of the whole rape charge.

Now it seems the whole thing has somewhat overwhelmed Anna who has, according to The Huffington Post, via Crikey, taken a powder and vanished off to the West Bank territories in Israel to work for her Christian Outreach Group there, and is having nothing further to do with the prosecution of Assange. 

We might suggest she will never be heard of again.

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