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I love new maps that show the world in fresh and unexpected lights, and this by Rich Aschmann on the linguistic dialects of English as she is spoken in the United States and Canada is a rare treat.

You can find the site at http://aschmann.net/AmEng/

Aschmann is a professional linguist whose day job is researching Amerindian languages, but at night he plots the divergences of English across a continent.  It’s new and up to date with the last update as of …yesterday!

Now the site is a bit um “busy”,  please don’t let that put you off but DO stick with it and scroll down to the “Larger scale maps” section and bask in this guy’s erudition.  Some people collect stamps, but, as he says, he collects dialects.  Dozens, and dozens of them.

And, as with all the best maps there is a wealth of additional detail included.  Truly you can while away the hours listening to a huge catalogue of 625 YouTube shorts which let you hear the dialects themselves.

Great stuff – just go and check it out.

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