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There is a long running, low level controversy which has been picking up a bit of heat in the quiet news-free days around Christmas. Started way back in June 2009 at a meeting held by Mike Castle a Republican congressman from Delaware,  it is the idea that Obama will not release his full birth certificate because he was not born in Hawaii as he says but somewhere else outside the United States. The usual suspects being Kenya or the Philippines. As such he would not be eligible for the office of President because of Section 1 of Article 2 of the Constitution. Remember the fuss over poor old Chester Arthur? If he cant prove he is born in the USA, say these people, he must stand down which would leave everyone stuck with Joe (who? I thought he was dead) Biden. Not a happy thought.

Those who persist in demanding Obama’s “long” certificate as opposed to the abbreviated one being offered, are termed “Birthers”, and sadly their numbers grow the greater as Obama digs in and refuses to release the long certificate.

To an outsider this really seems a peculiar storm in a tea cup.   You would think the quick easy way to defuse all this rubbish is to simply release the document and be done with it. After all the short one illustrated here seems to show all that is needed. Birth, date, place, and time. Why the need to do anything else? Unless there is some mistake in the short version released that we don’t know about. And, at the risk of offering fuel to the insane, here is an oddity of American politics that my albeit cursory investigation unearthed.

Suppose, just suppose, the problem lies not with the place of his birth, but the time of the birth. In the old days, in the old world, when history drifted into the fog of myth and legend, the way to have control over someone was to know their “real” name. We see remnants of this thought even yet in literature and folk tales. Tolkien’s Gandalf was also “the Grey” or “Mithrandir”. Knowledge of the real name gave power to those who knew it. Rumplestiltskin was nothing once the heroine found his identity.

And even yet how many on the web hide behind nom de plumes?

But what advantage would the time of Obama’s birth give anyone? Well, to an Astrologer the time of birth combined with the place, allow the creation of their natal astral chart which purports to shows the candidates fortunes, strengths and weaknesses. And people might believe this rather than a track record of personal achievement or manifestoes.

But this must be fanciful non-sense. Surely solid sensible people in Government today are not taken in by this codswallop. They wouldn’t hide their secret birth times from the astrologers in today’s whizzing, clicking, electric, all-American modernity would they?

Astrology in the White House is not so unlikely, and has been there even relatively recently. Nancy and Ronnie Reagan took this sort of thing seriously, right down to deciding to do or to not do things because the dates were astrologically propitious. And why not? Astrology is easily as accurate a forecasting system as any used by all the economists in all the think tanks, institutions and Universities, throughout the US and beyond who universally missed the fact that the economy (their field of interest remember) would come crashing down about their ears. Its certainly cheaper!

Don Regan, Reagan’s Chief of Staff recalled in his memoirs “For the Record”, and written in 1988 in a red mist of rage after getting the shove, how he needed to draw up a dummy calendar with the good and bad dates marked up on it and pin it up on the office wall just so he could second guess Ronnie and keep the appointments running. He claimed that the astrologers had caused him to rearrange the dates for Ronnie’s official visit to Germany and two important summits with Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva and Reykjavik. If you want Nancy’s take on the Don then her own memoirs “My Turn – The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan with William Novak” unfortunately not as popular and so still available at $17.69 with free delivery in US.

So I decided to check out some American politicians to see if they had let the world know what their mother’s knew – the times of their birth. And that’s when it started to become odd. Suddenly some of the loudest people on the planet get all coy!

Sarah Palin’s natal chart at “JudeCrowell” shows a birth time of 7:06:26 which looks bang on until you realise that it is exactly the time of sunrise on the day of her birth and a time astrologers revert to when they cannot obtain the time of birth. “Rectified” is the term they use. The Nancy Fern blogspot gives a different time 4:40 PST as “a best guess”. But its still just a guess. Mrs Palin normally so gabby about all sorts of personal information we don’t need to know is keeping the time of her birth strictly shtum.

Mike (It’s a wig) Huckabee is equally unforthcoming with his birth time.

Bill is all open and upfront, but Hillary Clinton uncharacteristically goes shy and coy. There are natal trees out there but they too seem to be rectified and so fall into the category of “not telling”.

Mitt Romney is a teller too. And so were all the Kennedys. Christine O’Donnell’s though seems strangely unavailable.

Now this is in no way a proper survey (although I will be collecting birth times from now on and if you have some decliners please let me know!) but I think it shows that some very prominent US Politicians are none too keen on their birth details being chewed over by astrologers. Perhaps Obama is one.

From AstrologyWeekly.com

Astrology still taking a front seat in modern politics? Only in America!

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