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Picture White House

It’s definitely been a good month for the Daley family of Chicago.  December saw Richard Michael Daley, the Mayor of Chicago, surpass the term of tenure that his old man Richard Joseph Daley also held for being Mayor.  Richard Daley was Mayor from 1955 through to the day of his death in 1976.  An astonishing reign.

Richard Michael Daley has managed to pass that twenty one year stint on December 26th meaning that father and son ruled (and still rule) Chicago for 42 of the last 55 years.

The Daley family have had Chicago in a political lockdown for generations. They are a small example of local oligarchies in action.

The old boy was accused of being an old fashioned operator, mobilising armies of Union members to force through his point of view.  A Democrat National Convention member in 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960 and 1964 Daley made sure that the party and its leaders reflected the Daley view of America.

Richard’s, brother John P Daley is a former Democrat committee man, a former Illinois State Senator, and Representative.  He made an interesting marriage to one Mary Lou Briatta the daughter of Louis “The Barber” Briatta, a man identified by a US permanent subcommittee on investigation in 1963, as a possible member of a Chicago crime syndicate.  John subsequently went on to make a fortune selling insurance.

This is the world that forms the background to Obama’s early career in Politics, as he cut his teeth in Chicago.  Let’s be honest, Barak always stood a better chance of becoming President than he ever had of getting to be Mayor of Chicago.

The Daley family are branching out though.  Earlier this week Obama announced that little brother William who had previously been a Delegate to the Democrat National Convention in 1980, and served as US Secretary of Commerce from 1997 – 2000 under Bill Clinton, was to come back as his new Secretary of State.  William, or Bill as he likes to be called to make him sound cuddly and people friendly, has been a major player in J B Morgan Chase, the Wall Street banking company.  One of those people who have let us all down.

All of which rather supports the idea that there is a revolving door between the White House and Wall Street.  Is Barak rewarding old friends, or just keeping in with the financiers?  Either course looks cynical at best.

Now I might get hot under the collar about rewarding idiot bankers for their idiot financial and economic models which didn’t work, and then asking them into the corridors of power to see if they could actually do any worse there than they have managed out on Main Street, but to my astonishment there has been little in the way of outrage or even indignation at this appointment.  Merely dull indifference.

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