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It’s all about me, it’s always about me

I had left the blog alone for the week-end, partly because I was out of town buried in the rural fastness of Norfolk enjoying some mid winter sunshine and a party, but also to take time to assess the fallout of last weeks war of words. Clearly Palin has pulled back the attention of the US, almost (but not quite) as much as Obama. She did this by the astonishing use of the term “Blood Libel” in her address to the nation. Now, I thought, maybe to an American audience the term “blood libel” does not carry the same weight, or shock quality that it might to a more European audience, referring as it does to the lie that in medieval Europe the Jews mixed the blood of Christian children to make their Matzos bread for Passover.  But no, it seems that it is every bit as offensive to Americans and she did indeed choose her words carefully, which considering the Representative shot was a Jew, shows poor taste at best.

I had wondered if this might mean that Sarah Palin’s campaign to be President was now dead in the water. Certainly I would not have been alone with that thought. The Huffington Post had a long piece by Jordan Zakarin cogently arguing that this anti Semitism should be her demise. (It was followed by a similar piece in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph). I liked the piece. I thought Zakarin had written well with passion and conviction. I fear though he was dead wrong.

This has indeed harmed Palin. Her ratings are down this week, doubtless the other contenders like Mike “It’s a Wig” Huckabee and Pawlenty, will sniff about seeking weakness and claiming ascendancy but it wont last. Now, you will simply accuse me of the same thing, opinion without concrete proof, my cynicism ranged against his hope. Sadly no, I fear my proof arrived from the Federal Government itself – as reported also by Bloomberg News and the Daily Mail, in the Federal figures for the sales of Glock 19 9mm hand guns. The very type used to shot the Congresswoman. Sure, it’s a popular make, smaller and lighter than others in its class, ideal for Police and sportsmarksmen. And it’s selling like hotcakes.

Up 65% in Ohio to 395

Up 16% in California to 672

Up 38% in Illinois to 348

Up 33% in New York to 206 all figures as last Monday compared to the same Monday last year.  Nationally its a 5% increase to 7,906.

Regrettably nothing has been changed by either Obama’s speech or by Palin’s and for politics in America it’s simply business as usual.

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