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James at PoliticalDog101 has drawn my attention to the fact that Comics Alliance have made Sarah the subject of her very own comicbook. In Britain a politician used to know he had “made it” if there was a pub named after him. Maybe in America it is different.

Its in the style of Steampunk comics, hence the name Steampunk Palin. Steampunk is a genre of comic books that revels in all things brass and Victorian, inhabiting strange alternative universes where steam still rules king. Think H G Wells, or Jules Verne or even “The Golden Compass”, and you’re not far off.

Here in Comics Alliance’s creation, our Sarah is inhabiting our near future after war wipes out the world’s oil. Our Brainy (look it’s a comic OK) super-heroine has the brilliant idea of bringing back steam power. Attacked by businessmen she awakes to find her body enhanced by steam powered mechanics. She then gets up a head of pressure and clanks off to take on the vile ones and another mechanically enhanced baddy called , wait for it – “Robama”. Oh yes its that bad. As they themselves say “so bad its good”. Sort of like her politics.

Yes is a “riveting” storyline.

In America, “Pin up politicians” get there, so this strange comic will undoubtedly do her no harm whatsoever.

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