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The resemblance is uncanny.  This is a still, released as a teaser for the up-coming film “The Iron Lady”, a tale of one woman’s rise to smash the barriers of class and gender in a male dominated world.

So, either the-single-greatest-woman-who-ever-lived, or the cruel troll who feasted on the blood of miners washed down with their children’s milk.  Even twenty years on this will divide the old country something cruel.

The film takes us through the life of Maggie to the Falklands War. Meryl Streep is Maggie, Jim Broadbent is Denis, Anthony Head is Geoffrey Howe.  Lucky Howe – Head is far better looking.  Howe being famously referred to as “Mogadon Man” because he was so boring.  And Richard E Grant swings along nicely as Heseltine. 

The blessed Margaret’s children are said to be “appalled” so it must be good. 

But!  Horror of horrors the realisation dawns!  Maggie is played by an American.   As well my mother never had to see this day!

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