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I like statues.  I think they grace cities and make them more civilised.  So the following is a real date for the diary.  The “Daily Telegraph” announced that permissions are finally through, monies have been collected, the sculptor assigned, and a new statue will grace the streets of central London this summer.

Yes, on July 4th the day Americans celebrate their independence, a statue of former President Ronald Reagan will be erected outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square, in London.  Maggie Thatcher will be there along with David Cameron to hold her limp hand and dab the moistening eye.  Condoleezza Rice will represent the United States, as Nancy at 89 is getting a bit past the long haul stuff.

Ronnie is a good choice.  He, almost alone it seems, is remembered as stressing the “special relationship” with the United Kingdom, a country he had a genuine love for, as well as a friendship and regard for its leader.  He will join those of Dwight D Eisenhower and Franklin D Roosevelt.

They have chosen Chas Fagan, the same sculptor who did the one that graces the Capitol in Washington and which is illustrated above.  So we have an idea of what it may look like.

Strangely, or not, depending on your liver, this is not something sponsored or even supported by the American Embassy who seem really rather sniffy on the whole deal.  The application, instead, was pushed through by Jennie Elias the London based president of the Reagan Memorial Fund Trust.

Ten foot tall and raised on a six foot plinth of Portland stone, his statue is to be placed opposite the one of Dwight D Eisenhower, to lend a sense of balance   The liberator of the west of Europe looking over at the liberator of the east of Europe.  

Shame they are moving the embassy really.

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