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Cartoonists are, I think, unique in that they can be the most prescient of commentators as well as the clearest.  Their visual medium makes them the most universal legislators of the world.

Whilst rummaging about looking for something else, I came across the above cartoon by Oliphant from September 9th 1982.  Here he shows the fractious dictators of the Middle East cuddling up for yet another photo-call. Note how Mubarak is back row central and Hussein of Jordan centre.  The nameless others, many still in power today clinging on in a grim rictus, cluster round in corrupt and fragile support, then as now.  His little bird, Punk the Penquin, at the right commenting, “Now hold it together for the next fifty years or so”.  We can forgive Oliphant that he was a few years shy of his prediction.

It is just too apposite to miss.

Oliphant is one of my favourite political cartoonists.  Not that he needs my support! Oliphant is the most syndicated political cartoonist in the world.

He started work in his native Australia, and then in 1964 was taken on by the Denver Post until he moved to the Washington Post.   A constant bane of American Political circles he just revels in political muckraking.  The influences of the British David Low, and the Hungarian come Brit, Vicky are clear.

An inspiration.

Copyright David Macadam 2011