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It has been announced that the British extremist Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudray, intends to lead a massive demonstration at the White House on March 3rd.  Anjem Choudray, a former solicitor (an English attorney-at-law), has previous as someone who has called for American Muslims to “Rise up and establish the Islamic State of America”.

He is clearly deranged in this.  I can’t see him even getting onto a plane bound for America far less being given his opportunity to shout at a lot of cameras at immigration.  This nonsense will go the way of his much vaunted march of 500 coffins through England’s Wooten Bassett last year.  But that didn’t stop his being interviewed on ABC last October where he dreamed of seeing “the flag of Islam fly over the White House”.

The demonstration is being organised by the “Islamic Thinker’s Society” who are based in New York, and whose main aim in life is to establish Sharia law as the law of America.  His non attendance will be seen as proof of his martyrdom for the cause.

The Youtube clip at the head of the piece is from Sean Hannity’s vigorous debate earlier this month with this articulate, but deluded, fascist.  Sean does not mince his words!  It’s definitely worth the watching.  Being deluded and mad does not stop him nor his ideas being deeply concerning.  There are several other clips equally entertaining (or worrying) available on the web.  He is a man who has a following.  We should watch his progress closely.

All of which might have been what led me to consider reprising a cartoon by Baird which first appeared way back in September 1988 in “The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland” on what it might be like in a Sharia Court should such a thing happen.

Certainly more entertaining than old re-runs of Perry Mason. 


“Yes, O merciful one – one previous conviction…”

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